Package org.jsoup.nodes

@NullMarked package org.jsoup.nodes
HTML document structure nodes.
  • Class
    A single key + value attribute.
    The attributes of an Element.
    A Character Data node, to support CDATA sections.
    A comment node.
    A data node, for contents of style, script tags etc, where contents should not show in text().
    A HTML Document.
    A Document's output settings control the form of the text() and html() methods.
    The output serialization syntax.
    A <!DOCTYPE> node.
    An HTML Element consists of a tag name, attributes, and child nodes (including text nodes and other elements).
    HTML entities, and escape routines.
    A HTML Form Element provides ready access to the form fields/controls that are associated with it.
    A node that does not hold any children.
    The base, abstract Node model.
    NodeIterator<T extends Node>
    Iterate through a Node and its tree of descendants, in document order, and returns nodes of the specified type.
    Represents a TextNode as an Element, to enable text nodes to be selected with the Selector :matchText syntax.
    A Range object tracks the character positions in the original input source where a Node starts or ends.
    A Position object tracks the character position in the original input source where a Node starts or ends.
    A text node.
    An XML Declaration.