Package org.jsoup.parser

Class XmlTreeBuilder


public class XmlTreeBuilder
extends Object
Use the XmlTreeBuilder when you want to parse XML without any of the HTML DOM rules being applied to the document.

Usage example: Document xmlDoc = Jsoup.parse(html, baseUrl, Parser.xmlParser());

Jonathan Hedley
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • XmlTreeBuilder

      public XmlTreeBuilder()
  • Method Details

    • initialiseParse

      @ParametersAreNonnullByDefault protected void initialiseParse​(Reader input, String baseUri, Parser parser)
    • process

      protected boolean process​(org.jsoup.parser.Token token)
    • runParser

      protected void runParser()
    • processStartTag

      protected boolean processStartTag​(String name)
    • processStartTag

      public boolean processStartTag​(String name, Attributes attrs)
    • processEndTag

      protected boolean processEndTag​(String name)
    • currentElement

      protected Element currentElement()
      Get the current element (last on the stack). If all items have been removed, returns the document instead (which might not actually be on the stack; use stack.size() == 0 to test if required.
      the last element on the stack, if any; or the root document
    • currentElementIs

      protected boolean currentElementIs​(String normalName)
      Checks if the Current Element's normal name equals the supplied name.
      normalName - name to check
      true if there is a current element on the stack, and its name equals the supplied
    • error

      protected void error​(String msg)
      If the parser is tracking errors, add an error at the current position.
      msg - error message
    • error

      protected void error​(String msg, Object... args)
      If the parser is tracking errors, add an error at the current position.
      msg - error message template
      args - template arguments
    • isContentForTagData

      protected boolean isContentForTagData​(String normalName)
      (An internal method, visible for Element. For HTML parse, signals that script and style text should be treated as Data Nodes).
    • tagFor

      protected Tag tagFor​(String tagName, ParseSettings settings)