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org.jsoup Contains the main Jsoup class, which provides convenient static access to the jsoup functionality. 
org.jsoup.nodes HTML document structure nodes. 

Uses of Document.OutputSettings in org.jsoup

Methods in org.jsoup with parameters of type Document.OutputSettings
static String Jsoup.clean(String bodyHtml, String baseUri, Whitelist whitelist, Document.OutputSettings outputSettings)
          Get safe HTML from untrusted input HTML, by parsing input HTML and filtering it through a white-list of permitted tags and attributes.

Uses of Document.OutputSettings in org.jsoup.nodes

Methods in org.jsoup.nodes that return Document.OutputSettings
 Document.OutputSettings Document.OutputSettings.charset(Charset charset)
          Update the document's output charset.
 Document.OutputSettings Document.OutputSettings.charset(String charset)
          Update the document's output charset.
 Document.OutputSettings Document.OutputSettings.clone()
 Document.OutputSettings Document.OutputSettings.escapeMode(Entities.EscapeMode escapeMode)
          Set the document's escape mode
 Document.OutputSettings Document.OutputSettings.indentAmount(int indentAmount)
          Set the indent amount for pretty printing
 Document.OutputSettings Document.OutputSettings.outline(boolean outlineMode)
          Enable or disable HTML outline mode.
 Document.OutputSettings Document.outputSettings()
          Get the document's current output settings.
 Document.OutputSettings Document.OutputSettings.prettyPrint(boolean pretty)
          Enable or disable pretty printing.

Methods in org.jsoup.nodes with parameters of type Document.OutputSettings
protected  void Attribute.html(StringBuilder accum, Document.OutputSettings out)
protected  void Node.indent(StringBuilder accum, int depth, Document.OutputSettings out)
 Document Document.outputSettings(Document.OutputSettings outputSettings)
          Set the document's output settings.

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