I started work on jsoup in December 2009, and launched the first beta release in February 2010. I wanted to build a HTML tool that was simple and fun to work with, and yet powerful and fast enough to use in a wide range of use cases and environments. Today, jsoup is the most popular Java HTML Parser, and is used extensively for data extraction, workflow automation, XSS prevention, automated testing, HTML validation, templating, UI building, and many other uses that I had not anticipated when starting the project.

Many other developers have made wonderful contributions to jsoup, and I am grateful for their help; without their assistance the project wouldn't be nearly as useful as it is today.


These are some of the key tools I've used to build jsoup:

IntelliJ IDEA is a great development environment and code editor that I much prefer over other editors for its user experience and comprehensive plugin support.

YourKit Java Profiler has helped me make massive speed improvements and memory use reductions in jsoup, and get a better understanding of how the JVM performs.

GitHub provides source control management and a popular environment for code collaboration.

Sonatype Central Repository is the default Maven repository and as such is a useful publishing location.