Download and install jsoup

jsoup is available as a downloadable .jar java library. The current release version is 1.18.1.

What's new

See the 1.18.1 release announcement for the latest changes, or the changelog for the full history.

Previous releases of jsoup are also available.


If you use Maven to manage the dependencies in your Java project, you do not need to download; just place the following into your POM's <dependencies> section:

  <!-- jsoup HTML parser library @ -->


// jsoup HTML parser library @
implementation 'org.jsoup:jsoup:1.18.1'

Building from source

If you want to try out as yet unreleased changes, or would like to make your own, you will need to build a jar from source. It's easy. It's best to use git so that you can stay up to date, and be able to contribute your changes back:

git clone
cd jsoup
mvn install

That will run the unit and integration tests, and after passing, install a snapshot jar into your local Maven repository.

If you prefer to not use git, you can download a zip:

curl -Lo
cd jsoup-master
mvn install


jsoup is entirely self contained and has no runtime dependencies.

jsoup runs on Java 8 and up, Scala, Kotlin, Android, OSGi, Lambda, and Google App Engine.

Android support

When used in Android projects, core library desugaring with the NIO specification must be enabled to support jsoup's Java 8 source code.