Use DOM methods to navigate a document


You have a HTML document that you want to extract data from. You know generally the structure of the HTML document.


Use the DOM-like methods available after parsing HTML into a Document.

File input = new File("/tmp/input.html");
Document doc = Jsoup.parse(input, "UTF-8", "");

Element content = doc.getElementById("content");
Elements links = content.getElementsByTag("a");
for (Element link : links) {
  String linkHref = link.attr("href");
  String linkText = link.text();


Elements provide a range of DOM-like methods to find elements, and extract and manipulate their data. The DOM getters are contextual: called on a parent Document they find matching elements under the document; called on a child element they find elements under that child. In this way you can winnow in on the data you want.

Finding elements

Element data

Manipulating HTML and text